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Meet Ms. Maggie!

Ms. Maggie has a HUGE heart for teaching and investing in the next generation of performers.

She has been working as an Atlanta Dance teacher for the past 5 years. Currently she is on faculty for Renaissance School of Performing Arts, The Studio Atlanta Dance, and Prodigy Performing Arts. Previously she has also taught and choreographed at Eastside School of Ballet as well as been head choreographer for ETC summer camps at the Jennie T Anderson Theater. Maggie additionally has served as a guest instructor for CYT Atlanta and The Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts.
"I believe in inspiring children through positive reinforcement while maintaining consistency throughout classes. Art is meant to be enjoyed. Especially at  young ages, the primary goal is to spark creativity and wonder. Technique can always be incorporated into a class without sacrificing fun. With that being said, I have found consistency  and structure is extremely helpful when it comes to focus and tracking growth. Children find confidence and strength when their achievements through hard work are met with praise. I'm confident children can and will grow up to do great things with the skills and confidence they learn in my classes"

Services Offered


-Beg-Adv Musical Theatre Dance 

-Beg-Adv Jazz

-Beg-Adv Ballet

-Beg-Int Tap

-Beg-Adv Acting

-Beg-Adv Musical Theatre

Other Skills:

-Guest Instructor/Master Class

-Guest Choreographer

-Willing to sub

-Private classes and coaching

-General Audition Prep

-General College Audition Prep

-College Prescreen Choreography

Maggie McCown Beginner Dance Classes 202

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